Our Mission:

Our mission at DDM Consulting Services, Inc. is to provide a select set of cutting-edge customers the most reliable, highest quality printed circuit design and advanced packaging solutions available in today's market place. By offering shortened cycle times and better first-pass success rates than our competitors we can assist our customers in reaching the market place in a timely and competitive manner.

Our Philosophy:

Through the proper use of new technologies , doing all the up front work and electrical calculations, and treating a circuit board as an active component, we expect all boards to work at first turn-on.

We are:

Ty Morgan, President:
IPC Certified Designer with 10 years experience. PCB Design, Mechanical design, Assembly Packaging and Software Development. Member Greater Phoenix Designers Council.

Ileana Del Barco, Senior PCB Designer:
Printed Circuit Board and Multichip Module Designer with 13 years experience. RF, High Speed, Analog, Digital, Multi-Layer, Surface Mount, Controlled Length and Gerber. Member Greater Phoenix Designers Council.

Jon Archer, Senior CAD Librarian / PCB Designer: 
Associate degree in computer electronics, with 17 years experience. CAD Librarian / Database Management, PCB Design, Schematic Entry, Engineering technician. Member Greater Phoenix Designers Council.

Jeff Cole, Senior PCB Designer:
IPC Certified Designer with 16 years experience. PCB Design, Electromechanical Packaging and Mechanical design.