PCB Fabrication RFQ
All pricing is budgetary until final data is received.
Customer Information:
General Design Information:
Raw Board Number:
Customer Spec Number:
Delivery Requirements:
Design Type:
Prototype Pilot
Engineering Test Production Release
ECO Redesign
PCB Technology:
RF Digital
Analog Mixed
High-speed Microwave
Laminate Material:
Arlon 350 Nelco N4000-13 Rogers Ultralam
Arlon 450 Rogers RO3003 RT/Duroid
FR4 Rogers RO4003 Taconic RF-35
FR4 Hi-temp Rogers RO4350 Taconic TLX-8
Proposed Layer Count:
2 4 6
8 10 12
14 16 Other
Proposed Layer Stack:
Enter Layer stack, S=Signal, G=Ground, P=Power.
Example; 4-layer S/G/P/S or 10-layer S/S/G/S/S/P/S/S:

PCB Thickness:
Surface Finish:
HASL Fused Tin/Lead Un-fused Tin/Lead
White Tin Tin Nickel OSP
SMOBC/HASL Immersion Gold Solder Reflow
Soldermask Information:
Green Primary Side
Red Secondary Side
None Both Sides
SMD Information:
Single Sided
Double Sided
Silkscreen Information:
White Primary Side
Black Secondary Side
None Both Sides
Tolerances and Minimums:
Registration:  Minimum Hole Size: 
Minimum PWR Line Width:  Minimum PWR Space: 
Mininun Line Width:  Minimum Line Space: 
PCB Test Requirements (check all that apply):
None Microsection Ionic Contamination
Continuity Test HI-POT Controlled Impedance
IPC-D-356 Netlist Test S.I.R. Solder Sample
PCA Test Requirements (check all that apply):
In-circuit Test Functional Test None
Special Requirements:
Please enter and specific constraints such as, environmental, mechanical, heat sinking, via-in-pads, etc. 

Please provide any special requirements.